Capacity Development of Sub-National State Administrations in Post-Conflict / Post-Disaster Context - Main Users / Purpose

files/images_static/user.jpg National and international project managers and staff working in conflict, post conflict and post disaster settings.


The manual is divided along four major steps (compare figure 1): i) analysing the context (national and local); ii) assessing the local state administrations; iii) developing a sustainable capacity development approach; iv) undertaking capacity development measures for local state administrations. The manual includes a short introduction to the topic, a series of guiding questions and, where applicable, suggestions for use of Capacity Works methods and tools for each step.

The objective of undertaking the initial broad context analysis at national and project area level is to gain a clearer understanding of the background and causes of fragility. Using the four dimensions of failure as a starting point (legitimacy, authority, service and security) the analysis is intended to determine and characterise the fragility context both at country and project area level. The analysis can be undertaken using secondary data and information; no primary data collection needs to be undertaken.

Figure 1: Four-step approach for CD for local state administrations