Functional Analysis - Main Users / Purpose

files/images_static/user.jpg District planners, Provincial planners, Sectoral planners
files/images_static/thinker.jpg There are various methods for grading or ranking centres and the simplest is by plotting the score obtained by each settlement in a histogram, starting with the highest score and ending with the lowest and then analysing the peaks and troughs. It is important to notice that with regard to regional data organisation the functional matrix can be used as an inventory for the economic, social and technical infrastructure and the agricultural analyses. It is a simple and useful tool as most of the required data is usually available to the planners. The information can best be used as a locational inventory for investors looking for a location for their new plants or investment plans. It is an information sheet for ministries and national agencies to formulate priorities and to link policies with specific locations.

The matrix also serves the purpose of coordination of different agencies in charge of different activities and functions. Data collecting efforts can be shared between them and it is possible to study potentials or deficiencies in relation to functional interdependency between them.