Systematic Planning of Resource Requirements - Main Users / Purpose

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Planners regularly only consider the need to plan the allocation of money and personnel; they often do not consider the “other” resources. Optimising the allocation of resources is a specialised component of development planning requiring some knowledge in basic economics and business management. Unfortunately these traits are not common amongst technical planners and administrators involved in development projects.

The purpose of this tool is to illustrate what the “other” resources are that require careful planning and also to highlight some approaches for optimising the use of scarce resources. In many cases when planners are confronted with the need to assess the cost of implementing the plans they are forced to re-consider the viability of the plans. There are two ways in which planning can be undertaken: without considering resource requirements initially or basing the plan on the available resources. While the latter is a more pragmatic approach it usually results in plans that are not very creative and visionary. The plans resulting from the former may be more creative and imaginative but these may not always be “affordable”.