Food for Work - Integrated Food Security Programmes - Brief Description


Food-for-Work (FFW) is a particular labour intensive Public Works programme aimed at overcoming short-term food deficits at the household level, and simultaneously providing family income support for long-term asset creation. The target groups of Food-for- Work activities are generally unemployed, poor, and food insecure people within the project area. Food-for-Work activities is a common tool used by GTZ in the context of Integrated Food Security Programmes (IFSP) to provide welfare safety nets for poor people. IFSPs pursue a double strategy by applying the FFW tool to:

  • Fill the gap of acute food deficits immediately, and
  • Mobilise human resources through promotion or rehabilitation of productive or social infrastructure for sustainable food security.

Common Food-for-Work projects are road rehabilitation, soil or resource protection measures, ecological management or reforestation and social infrastructure, such as schools, clinics or community buildings.

Figure 1: From survival to development: Typical stages of Integrated Food Security programmes