Formulating Effective Job Descriptions - Brief Description


Well-prepared job descriptions embody information that can be useful in all the classical functions of management: planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. In short, it is a practical, relatively simple tool, that supports personnel management and employee communication everyday. The “position specification” or better known as the job description is squared one of the hiring process and leads to the hiring of the right candidates.

The need for effective human resource management is not specific to any organisation, some local regulations may call attention to the importance of current, complete and correct job descriptions. Accurate job descriptions can be very useful when an employee, applicant or government agency wishes to hire good personnel. In some cases job descriptions may even prove useful in the event that disputes arise between the employer and the employee in an organisation.

Although written job descriptions are helpful in keeping management practices consistent with local rules and regulations, the may not necessarily be required by the organisation or by the national laws and regulations. Probably the most substantial benefits of job descriptions are realized through better management decisions and employer-employee relations.

Figure 1: Good ideas for a job description... 

Figure 2: ...have to be well formulated

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