District Strategic Planning - Brief Description


The district development plan is a strategic policy document that describes the problems and potentials existing in a district as well as the future state of development based on the results of specific scenarios and guided by certain development theories. A description of both main goals and objectives and the necessary means for achieving them have to be described. The plan must be reflection of the political will of the district population, its opinion leaders and its decision makers. It must reconcile and integrate national development guidelines with local needs and requirements.

Why is district planning necessary at all? A district plan provides a "birds-eye perspective" of the potentials that exist in a district. The approximately thirty-page document briefly describes the current state of affairs in the district, the problems, potentials, and development goals and objectives and how these can best be achieved. Furthermore, the document states the development concepts (i.e. basic-needs orientation, poverty alleviation and so on) that underlie the strategy, how national development goals have been modified and adapted to suit local conditions. It is basically a political document, which is precise enough to ensure that it receives the necessary political approval but broad enough not to hamper detailed development future proposals.

The sum of all village plans does not add up to a district plan. The district plan covers all zones in the district and examines the economic, social and political linkages with neighbouring districts.


Photo 1: Planning with the community


Photo 2: Planning for their future