What is our approach?

We document methods and make them available on the Internet.

Each method includes:

files/images_static/clipboard.jpg Brief description of the method:
The brief description of the method is basically a short summary of the method. Information is given on what the method is and what can be basically done with the method.
files/images_static/user.jpg Proposed main users:
Who could potentially use the method has been documented in the second short section of each method.
files/images_static/thinker.jpg Purpose of the method:
A more detailed description is provided of the main purpose of the method: An explanation is provided as to where and how the method can and should be used.
files/images_static/procons.jpg Advantages and limitations of the method:
In order to be able to use the method correctly the user must have a good understanding of the advantages and the limitations of the method. In some cases references have been made to other methods that overcome some of the limitations that are mentioned.
files/images_static/talker.jpg Principles and general procedures:
This section describes some of the main principles that underlie the method and also describes the main steps (e.g. step-by-step) procedure needed to apply the method. In some cases the steps have had to be simplified to avoid presenting too much detail. The references provide more information as to where a more detailed implementation guideline on using the method could be found.
files/images_static/suitcase.jpg References:
Finally, where references were used these have been listed at the end of each method.
files/images_static/practitioner.jpg Example:
For each method at least one example has been provided by a project. In some cases more than one example has been included in the method.
files/images_static/result.jpg Acknowledgements:
Clear references are provided as to the organisation and project that provided the examples and / or the necessary steps to utilise the method. This way methods and examples from different countries and organisations can be effectively combined in the MethodFinder.net.