Sports for Peace - Main Users / Purpose

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The aim of the Sports for Peace concept is to raise awareness of the sports core values by allowing the values to be demonstrated and seen in the pitches, courts and playing fields. By requiring the students to observe all matches when they are not at play, they are capacitated to see good performances and to note violations of the desired values. On the other hand, while being observed by the other players, the students are given the chance to practice what they learned and act accordingly. The students thus learn the importance of transparency and good decisions. While the power to choose is theirs, they learn to take over responsibility for their own choices.

Aside from enjoying the games and developing mental and physical agility, Sports for Peace surrounding activities also provide children the opportunity to understand cultures of their playmates through the conduct of cultural activities before and after the games. To build a trustful and safe atmosphere it is important that the students get to know about the cultures of the conflict parties in the area they live in. That would give them the opportunity to find peaceful ways of dealing with each other with respect.

Through these activities, the participants at that stage of their lives are taught the importance of respect for and acceptance of cultural and religious orientations different from their own. They learn about children’s rights and the value of harmony, not only within themselves, but more importantly with other children, with the environment and with the Supreme Being they believe in and worship. Lastly, the activities teach the children to be more tolerant of other children and live in peace and harmony with them in their respective communities.

The contribution of Sports for Peace in peace-building efforts has generally been considered at the grassroots and national levels. At the grassroots or community level, sports can be seen to provide a useful way of creating an environment wherein people can come together to work towards the same goal, show respect for others and share space and equipment. All these aspects are crucial to peace-building processes.