Establishment of Credit Programme - Main Users / Purpose

  • Public sector: ministries, regional and local governments
  • International donor organizations active in regional economic development
  • Local non-governmental economic development organizations

Central objective of the Credit Programme is to establish an efficient, interconnected financial system in conjunction with appropriate financial institutions who in turn provide a broad section of the population (in particular the poor) with access to local, cost-efficient, lending facilities. Furthermore, the Credit Programme also:

  • Provides a broad sections of the population (especially the poor) with access to sustainable lending facilities.  Those who benefit include: the poor in the informal and formal sectors such as micro-entrepreneurs (with sepcial focus on female entrepreneurs); Landless farmers; Entrepreneurs with small and medium sized businesses.
  • Assist poor families’ access financial services, leading to enhanced employment, income opportunities and eventually increased household incomes.
  • Helps to build a sustainable, self-financing, locally-managed micro-finance institution capable of providing continued financial services to poor entrepreneurs.
  • Enables intermediaries (e.g. financial institutions) to provide efficient and sustainable financial services.

Figure 1: Entrepreneurs’ awareness of success factors