Spatial Diagram - Räumliches Leitbild - Main Users / Purpose

files/images_static/user.jpg District planners, Provincial planners, Sectoral planners
files/images_static/thinker.jpg The model of spatial concentration can be used a guide for investment decisions, possibly in the rural or urban centres. Functional specialisation may also be introduced in order to avoid too much competition and duplication taking place, since this may lead to the collapse of markets or services being provided.

The spatial diagram contains information on the settlement pattern, the road network, the land use system and on future development areas, conservation areas or areas where development is to be restricted or controlled.

With regard to the settlement pattern, the spatial diagram will indicate issues such as whether or not the economies of the main urban centres are to be further developed or consolidated, where functional deficiencies are to be reduced, reasons why urban specialisation should be either maintained or encouraged. Proposals are to be made by focusing on whether investments should be made in the rural centres, in the villages or larger urban centres. In addition, whether or not settlements should be upgraded to higher order service centres will also be denoted in the spatial diagram.

The spatial diagram will denote roads that are to be developed or upgraded, based upon decision to improve market access or access to goods and services. Areas maybe delineated for protection, control or special development programmes.