Nutrition Education - Main Users / Purpose

  • Technical project staff with knowledge in nutrition or public health.
  • Experienced community and public health workers or nutrition specialists with skills in methods of communication

Nutrition Education involves learning new information on nutrition, and its relationship and influence on other sectors such as agriculture, health or environment.

The aims of Nutrition Education are:

  • Knowing which sort of problems it might solve and how to use resources in the most efficient way.
  • Helping people to develop new attitudes and confidence that they need to improve their nutritional habits, and how to feed to their families.
  • Developing, together with the communities, effective educational strategies and communication channels in order to plan adequate messages on nutrition.
  • Training local key persons, health workers, agricultural extensionists and other community or project workers for further promotion of the messages.
  • Reaching men and women as receptors of nutritional messages, women, by themselves, often cannot remove the causes of nutritional problems.

In the past, nutritional advice was not always practical or appropriate for the people, since the messages were decided by nutritionists or health experts of government offices, rather than worked out in association with the local community.

Many times, educators told people what to do, instead of discussing with them what they might be able to do.